Sphinx Worldbiz Joins TimeTooth Technologies in India’s Open Source Effort to Develop Low-Cost Emergency Ventilators for COVID-19

Sphinx Worldbiz Joins TimeTooth Technologies in India’s Open Source Effort to Develop Low-Cost Emergency Ventilators for COVID-19

Sphinx Worldbiz Joins TimeTooth Technologies in India’s Open Source Effort to Develop Low-Cost Emergency Ventilators for COVID-19

Low-Cost Emergency Ventilators for COVID-19

Sphinx Worldbiz stands united with TimeTooth Technologies and has come together in the initiative to develop low-cost mechanical ventilators to facilitate the healthcare sector in combating the COVID-19 health emergencies. Sphinx Worldbiz offers full support of their technical resources towards manufacturing of the prototype for validation of the state-of-the-art medical equipment.

TimeTooth Technologies also calls for fundraiser support for the project as this is a crucial time for pulling all stops to fight against the deadly Coronavirus; this is a voluntary effort and not for profit which Sphinx also considers its prime social responsibility.    

Noida, India- April 13, 2020– Sphinx Worldbiz Limited has collaborated with TimeTooth Technologies in a philanthropic effort to develop a localised, openly shared design for low-cost Mechanical Ventilator for the COVID-19 patients both in India and abroad. Other than supporting the fundraising effort, Sphinx Worldbiz has offered to participate in the building of the initial prototypes, concurrently so that the testing and validation can start early. Sphinx Worldbiz Ltd’s experience and capabilities in rapid prototyping are offered free to this Open Source effort.

At present, full-featured ICU ventilators are exorbitantly expensive, thus arising the need to have fully functional low-cost mechanical ventilators in huge volumes to cater to the existing patients and the cases the world may face in the coming days. Narendra Singh Surana, MD, Sphinx Worldbiz Limited has said that “ We take this as our corporate social responsibility to be able to contribute to the field of engineering and global healthcare in times like these and provide whatever help we can at the earliest utilising our expertise and experience. We are all in it together and therefore we seek profits only in terms of saving lives and not otherwise.”

As the need to have the affordable and quickly available facility of medical supplies is imminent, TimeTooth Technologies have raised a fundraiser call for support to make this project a timely success and all the contributions made will go directly and solely for the designing, testing, QA, design release, gathering certifications from the concerned authorities, and for supplying into the international markets.

The ventilators will be rugged low-cost basic-features medical grade equipment, based on open-source designs released by academic and business organisations from various parts of the world. With key features including automated ventilator with physician assist controls, low cost (about 10-15% of the cost of Traditional ICU ventilators), medical-grade, rugged and reliable design for field usage, with all critical features, and usable in remote villages, and simple hospitals.

Sphinx Worldbiz invites contributors from both across national and international borders to be a part of this generous humanitarian act of giving back to the society and create a healthy boundary against the deadly Coronavirus. 

The contributions can be made on the following links:

For international contributors:



For contributors in India:



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Sphinx Worldbiz Limited is a modern Indian engineering and IT company, established since 1996. It offers dedicated high-quality design, engineering solutions, product development and software solution services for a wide range of market verticals globally. It is an ISO 9001: 20008 & ISO 27001:2005 along with Dun and Bradstreet certified organisation. The company is in Noida, India headquartered with offices in Germany, the UK, the USA, and Sweden. Sphinx’s major market is spread across the US, the UK, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and APAC.

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TimeTooth Technologies is an Indian Engineering Solutions company with a record of rapidly delivering engineered products. The company primarily consists of a team of about 30 engineers, all IIT graduates, adding value and trust into everything they design. Their work focuses on new product development, engineering (CAE/CAD) services, methods & custom software development, and engineering consulting & technology transfer. Their healthcare products are all developed under careful consultation with reputed medical doctors.

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