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    Merging of artificial intelligence (AI), object-oriented programming, and CAD is KBE. In other words it is the process of capturing the knowledge (product & process information) created in the product development process. KBE facilitates businesses to make standard-replica engineering processes, and then use it to automate entire or part of the process. KBE systems provide flexibility in the development of design automation systems. They are designed to allow complex rules, probing, AI and agents to be embedded in the system. It is accomplished by defining the parameters and rules of the particular design process, and integrating it into knowledge templates, resulting in dynamic product, which enables designers to adapt the product without re-designing. KBE also leads to eliminate error by ensuring compliance with defined standards and design process.

    Sphinx Worldbiz specializes in KBE applications that meet client’s specific needs across various engineering segments. We leverage our understanding of client’s requirement, knowledge of engineering processes and expertise in domain to design KBE solutions that’ll improve client’s engineering efficiencies. We aim to provide a significant competitive advantage to client. Our KBE solutions support engineering organizations to develop products & execute projects at optimal cost and of improved quality. Reduction in the manual aspect of design process & errors and capturing organizational knowledge of processes for future use, is also facilitated. Our team works with different competent engineering organizations to identify the stages covering the engineering products or project’s life-cycle, for automation. Further, we utilize the most appropriate technology & software architecture and support clients in adopting new engineering platforms for maximizing ROI on technology.

    Areas of KBE Application:

    • KBE is best applicable where a major portion of engineering capacity is lost in executing tactical processes at the cost of innovation. Present day organizations face a strong need for automating such processes and free innovation bandwidth.

    • KBE is ideal for different industries where product development cycle time and cost pressure force them to adopt innovative platforms to formalize design and development processes, cut cycle time, cost and design lapses and to infuse organizational knowledge and best practices to automate them.

    • KBE become imperative where there is an aging work force, disparate design and manufacturing and globally distributed systems. Such scenarios surely require a scientific capture and reuse of engineering knowledge

    Value Proposition

    • Product knowledge configurations that capture information in a structured manner, capture complex knowledge paths, and also display resulting information to the user at every step

    • KBE maturity model for capability assessment and road map definition via organization-wide surveys & assessment

    • Modern infrastructure for product development on various KBE platforms, APIs and tools that include commercial off-the-shelf and standalone platforms.

    • Unified solutions for handling data & workflow from concept to manufacturing, which reduces cost and rework, and improves time to market & product success rates

    Sphinx KBE Capabilities

    Based on our extensive experience with industries, globally, we have maintained dedicated KBE Lab manned with expert team. Enabling key-engineers to share knowledge / information by collaborative methods, our KBE team nurtures expertise in:

    • KBE system consulting

    • KBE-based product development

    • Process improvement through KBE

    • KBE application development and maintenance

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