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    E Plan


    We work on the world’s foremost software used for electrical design and automation. We provide solutions in different software’s links: ePLAN, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD Electrical. ePLAN develops one of the world’s leading design software for panel builders, machine manufacturers, and C plants. ePLAN products are of the highest quality, provide maximized productivity, and follow global standards. Sphinx is the largest ePLAN service provider for all industries.

    ePLAN Product Offerings :

    • ePLAN Electric P8
    • ePLAN Pro Panel
    • ePLAN Fluid

    Services we offer :

    • Single Line Diagrams.
    • Electrical Control Panel as per all standards.
    • General Arrangement Drawings.
    • Electrical Bill of Material creation.
    • Electrical Schematics.
    • Panel Wiring drawings.
    • Internal C Outer General Assembly of electrical cabinets.
    • 3D layouts of control panel.
    • Internal Layout of panel.
    • Door layout.
    • Inter panel cable schedule C cable schedule report.

    Sphinx Promises

    • Trained electrical design engineers.
    • Accurate C on time project delivery.
    • Access to talented community.
    • Transparent communication with team.

    Example of few industries

    • Automotive: BIW, Paint shop, Conveyors, Material handling, Welding shop
    • Machine Builders: Special Purpose machines, CNC, Crane, Ships C HAAC
    • Control Panel manufactures: MCC, PCC, LT Panels, PLC Panels, Distribution boards, VFD panels, Synchronization panels

    Software we offer

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