Reverse Engineering Services

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    Reverse Engineering Services

    Sphinx Worldbiz is a trusted name for new age reverse engineering services for parts, components or product. Our reverse engineering capability enables us to create 3D design CAD models from existing objects, which facilitates determining original design intent, modernizing manufacturing processes, designing a new part to fit to a legacy part and other similar jobs. Our reverse engineering service encompasses:

    • Parametric 3D Modelling in generic and native formats
    • Reconstruction of CLASS-A & CLASS-B surfaces
    • Design modification from actual objects
    • Data preparation for differ types of digital simulation

    We extract the accurate digital shape and dimensional details of the product or part that may or may not have any design documentation. Our hi-tech scanning (Handyscan 3D technology) & Whitelight Scanning method facilitates quick and accurate reverse engineering and the 3 dimensional data is recorded for next level of application. The data derived can be used to reproduce similar product; troubleshoot problems; study, analyse & inspect constructional and other defects; or can also be used for product enhancement in future.

    By converting complex physical shapes into digital data / models, creation of product models or prototypes for bulk manufacturing becomes convenient. Reverse engineering also helps in making required design changes in parts, tools, moulds or component for improved product design, compatibility and applicability. We nurture expertise in reverse engineering, from raw measurement data to parametric engineering drawings and cater to clients from diverse verticals.

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