Power & Energy

Power & Energy

The energy sector hold immense propensity to trigger and fuel industrial revolutions, further bring in social, economic and political changes globally. Inclusive of oil, gas and unconventional energy sources such as solar energy, tidal energy and wind energy, the sector at the world’s attention. Players of this industry look for sound technical partners with innovative engineering expertise, so as to achieve high performance in this very challenging environment.

We at Sphinx Worlbiz, with our expansive experience in engineering services and support have executed innumerable projects, of high importance, across the vertical. We offer a broad spectrum of services covering complete plant and production process lifecycle. Our expertise in the domain encompasses:

  • Digital Oil Field Solution
  • Perfect Plant Solutions
  • Geospatial Technology Solutions
  • Product Engineering
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Mobile GIS
  • Detailed Engineering for Process Plant Design
  • Project Management Services for Plant Setup
  • Design of Auxiliary Systems & Subsystems

We assist clients define their processes in line with the regulatory, health and safety guidelines. Services for embedded systems, electromechanical manufacturing services and sourcing manufacturing solutions are also provided by us. Our engineering service capability includes:

CAD Capabilities

  • Layout and design concept as per physics inputs and standards
  • Designs validated as per is using standardised calculations
  • Detailed & component engineering design as per code compliance
  • Study of value engineering and alternate designs and of existing designs
  • Utilities modelling, piping, routing and layout
  • Optimization of plant design and layout
  • Structural and mechanism design
  • Remote handling feasibility
  • Cad customization
  • Parametric part modelling
  • Legacy data conversion services
  • 2d to 3d conversion services
  • Analysis of manufacturability and manufacturing engineering
  • Generating manufacturing and engineering drawings


CAE Capabilities

  • compliance and Hand calculations as per international codes
  • Finite element calculations to establish compliance with RCCM, TEMA, EJMA, ASME, etc standards
  • Seismic analysis and safety analysis
  • Thermal, CFD, and Flow simulation
  • Electrostatic simulations
  • Electromagnetic simulations
  • Cryogenics studies
  • Fatigue studies
  • Life prediction studies
  • Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Modal, Buckling, Kinematics, Transient, Vibration, and Multi-body dynamic simulations


Sphinx Business Value

  • Reduced downtime and Improved product life
  • Enhanced value chain effectiveness
  • Superlative  design data management for multiple reference and reuse
  • Best in industry processes for health, safety and environment compliance
  • Low-cost sourcing and manufacturing support
  • Lower operational costs
  • Effective risk management and asset management

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