Formability Analysis

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    Formability Analysis

    Innovation is fundamental to us at Sphinx Worldbiz; our engineering & design team utilizes the latest tools and techniques to deliver premium precision in every design. The parts are analyzed for formability, prior to initiating the design. This approach of ours, allows us to work in a timely manner with the client and resolve the concerns identified in the formability analysis process. Synergy of cross-functional teams at different levels enables us to provide the most accurate analysis result.

    We, as a referred name for Formability Analysis, have simulated many components of Indian & overseas customers. Our high degree of correlation with shop floor try-outs has been an added advantage for clients. From feasibility to production there are many kinds of simulations studies that are undertaken by our expert team of analysts.

    At Sphinx, we confirm the process model against failure by giving following outputs:

    • 3D CAD surface model of drawn panel with addendum & binder surface
    • Blank size and shape optimization
    • Cost effective material grade selection for successful formability
    • Draw bead locations, strengths and geometry
    • Press cushion loads and draw load estimation.
    • Movement of impact (shock) lines in visible panels
    • Sound domain knowledge of sheet metal
    • Part processing and tool design
    • Digital prototyping of tool design
    • Quality checks for surfacing
    • Formability analysis
    • Post processing
    • Engineering interpretation of key result areas like
    • Thickness distribution, thickening, thinning /cracking
    •  Waviness, wrinkles, folds
    • Stress levels for panels for dent resistance and taunt looks
    • Shock lines / skid lines


    We at Sphinx, have been catering to Automotive OEM /Tier 1/Tier 2 suppliers, Aerospace, Appliance and a host of other industries with highest level of Formability Analysis solutions, which are designed to reduce development time and material costs at client’s end. Accuracy in analysis is an outcome of the following skills, fundamental to Team Sphinx:

    • Sound Domain Knowledge Of Sheet Metal
    • Part Processing And Tool Design
    • Digital Prototyping Of Tool Design
    • Quality Checks For Surfacing
    • Formability Analysis
    • Blank optimization
    • Multi stage forming simulation
    • Planning support for blank prediction
    • Training in die design
    • Training in formability Analysis
    • Updating digital prototypes to eliminate the predicted forming defects & enhancing the process performance

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