Manufacturing Engineering Services

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    Manufacturing Engineering Services

    Sphinx Worldbiz, a reliable Indian company in manufacturing engineering, believes in offering services and solutions that encompass organizational and human perspectives. The focus has been on interfacing of people and machine, where the design of total system includes physical elements of the machine and also the vital human links. This is done to obtain maximum output by different managerial concepts like “what-if analysis”, Lean, Six sigma etc. The Robot, assembly and plant layout hold impact on operations and here Sphinx Engineering offers its customer an option to take a virtual walkthrough of the facility to analyze the planned throughput by virtual manufacturing.

     Being Lean

    The company core idea of Lean is about adding value to customers and their organization with reduction or removal of waste from client-company’s operational processes and achieving the final aim of “zero waste”. To achieve this, Sphinx focuses towards optimizing the flow of services and solutions across the entire value streams. The focus is retained horizontally across departments, assets and technologies, rather than focusing on individual processes flow. The concept of Lean is applied to all business sectors. Being lean for Sphinx Engineering is a way of thinking and acting; not only about cutting waste or reducing costs.

    The company also understands the fact that it s more important to effectively bring together people, on a single platform, who participate in developing the dynamics of any system manage the involved operations. Sphinx professional discipline is about designing an effective system and developing robust processes that will integrate people, technology and material for comprehensive organizational efficiency.

    In manufacturing engineering, Sphinx Engineering is a reputed expert in Tool & Equipment Design. The service includes:

    Stamping Die Design
    • Feasibility Study & Simulation Reverse
    • Method Plan
    • Die Design
    • Tool Path Generation(CAM)
    Plastic Molding Design
    • Tool Layout
    • Core / Cavity Extraction
    • Mould Flow Analysis
    • Mould Design
    • Electrode Design
    • Tool Path Generation(CAM)
    Jigs & Fixture Design
    • Feasibility Analysis & Preliminary Layouts.
    • Annotations for MCP – PLP on CAD data.
    • Fixture Layout & Design.
    • Simulation of gun Accessibility in Fixture.

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