Engineering Design Services

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    Engineering Design Services

    Industries in India are experiencing tremendous growth and market offers limitless opportunities to address the demands of these growing industries.  Sphinx Worldbiz Ltd., is well positioned to deliver engineering design support to various OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. Our CAD services such as 2D to 3D Conversion, 3D to 2D Detailing, CAD-To-CAD Data Migration and Assembly caters to the component manufacturing needs for diverse OEMs from Automotive, Power & Energy, Industrial Equipment, Aerospace and other verticals.

    2D To 3D Conversion: Powerful data importation, hybrid modelling and direct editing enables us to deliver world-class 2D to 3D CAD Conversion service. We convert 2D drawing to 3D models for components, parts, engines, pumps, motors, turbines and more. Our CAD generated 3D models are not only cost and time saving but also helps in eliminating errors and make the product development smooth.

    3D to 2D Detailing: 3D to 2D Detailing, for both industrial and commercial projects, is offered by us. We successfully bridge the gap between the high-tech detailing technology and practicality & product application. We integrate our capabilities to deliver best 3D to 2D detailing services for sheet metals, plastics, casting components and tools.

    CAD-To-CAD Data Migration: The use of multiple CAD systems leads to significant problems in data compatibility, process complexity, increased cost and time loss.  Our Data Migration service caters to the needs of companies working with multiple CAD systems. We work to standardize the system onto a single CAD platform and transfer or recreate CAD packages.

    Assembly: Post designing and development of 3D models, practical applicability and compatibility is the challenge. Hence, our digital assembly service assesses if the different parts can be assembled for interference checks, tolerance analysis and mass property calculations. We also undertake Digital Mock-up (DMU) simulation to visualize the functioning of the part.

    Consumers and businesses are making sophisticated demands on manufacturers. The buyers insist on latest technologies, enhanced designs, improved materials, superior quality and enriched user experience in products. As a result, product companies are continuously in the process of innovation, re-engineering, process optimization, localization, customization and cost rationalization to meet these demands.


    How Sphinx Helps

    Sphinx is working with you to design and deliver a new wave of intelligent products. We use our industry-specific expertise and partnerships in software, electronics, mechanical engineering and Product Life cycle Management to:

    • Reduce total cost of ownership for new, re-designed and enhanced products
    • Reduce time-to-market while ensuring quality
    • Support design for re-manufacturing/ refurbishing/ recycling and engineering services for manufacturing and after market support


    Design Solutions

    New Product Development
    • Conceptualization, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing (via partners), Testing, & Supply of Special Purpose products


    Product Upgradation
    • Product Performance Improvement w r t Benchmark
    • Product Design Certification for International governing standards
    • Cost Reduction
    • Field Failures Issue Resolution
    • Platform Upgradation
    • Modularization of a range of products


    Custom Software Development
    • Special purpose Engineering-Software
    • Process Automation


    Technology Transfer
    • Engineering Research Center Build-Operate-Transfer


    Product Design Services

    New Product Development:
    • Sub-system Level
    • Styling And Class-a Surfacing
    • Concept Design
    • Detailed Engineering
    • Vehicle Integration & Packaging
    • DFA / DFM/ DFSS
    • Manufacturing Drawing And GD&T
    Value Engineering / Value Analysis:
    • Total Cost Out
    • Value Analysis
    • Design Optimization
    • Product Benchmarking
    • Standardization
    • Field Failure Analysis
    • Scrap Utilization
    • Sourcing Change, Make Vs Buy


    CAD Support:
    • Change Management
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Re-engineering
    • Data Migration
    • 3D Modeling & 2D Detailing
    • Technical Publication

    Manufacturing Engineering:
    • Tool Design
    • Mold Design
    • Die Design
    • Fixtures Design – Assembly, Testing, Welding
    • Manufacturing Simulation
    • Mold flow Analysis
    • Farming Simulation
    • Prototyping & Testing
    • Sourcing And Localization Support

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