Robotic Simulation and Layout Planning

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    Robotic Simulation and Layout Planning

    Under our Robotic Simulation division, we are a team powered by people with specialized expertise & diverse experiences who can facilitate Digital Manufacturing Engineering solutions for automated production Lines to our customers with an efficient, innovative and effective solutions that fit your needs and enable your successful automation under one roof including start from Process Planning & Layouting, detail Robotic Simulation up to offline logic programming & Online Robot Programming & cell alignment or data reconstruction using Plant scanned data or Robot backup integration. As you know usage of robotics increases the efficiency, speed & quality of the product for labor intensive production lines, where people are performing high-volume, highly transactional process functions, will boost their capabilities and save money and time with robotic process automation software.

    Our broad customer portfolio allows us to take any type of project, guiding it to its goal through domain expert services of the highest quality. Our flexible delivery models are designed to scale to meet project demands where and when our clients need us. We ensure that our clients must get solutions from the top minds in the field, engineers who’ve solved critical problems for global leaders in nearly approx. all major line Builders across the globe & always prefer to keep our all resources updated in a rapidly changing world. As Customer is the most important visitors in our premises. We are only satisfied when our customer satisfied.

    We can cater with multiple solution in process planning point of view to find the optimum solution. So that each equipment in the Cell, including the Robots & accessories are effectively utilized in a best customised Layout area as per factory requirements where robots are sequenced with each other through signals, so that they can work together, sometimes in overlapping zones, still maintaining safety of humans and equipment’s. Of course, before start a cell is built and tasks are assigned to these Robots.

    A great attention is made to find out the right place in the right orientation with the right spacing between all the Robots, Tools, Panels & other Equipment’s put in the Cell with many other fine considerations. While reachability & avoidance of joint lock or singularities conditions are key considerations, Safety and Ease of Maintenance are always higher priorities. Each Robot & each Tool is assigned optimum level of tasks e.g. numbers of welds, multiple joining & process fool proofing applications in the same line. so that the Cell is well balanced, and Humans and Robots can finish their assigned tasks well within the required Cycle Time with a safety margin of time to spare.

    In the end, a detailed Sequence of Operations is prepared and Interlocks between operations are defined. Next these Robots are run through Real Time Controllers (RCS) to check for their Real Time behavior, any jerky motion, any singularity lock, any unnecessary waiting, any missing connection are carefully investigated. Only when all these are resolved, we can say, our cell is ready to upload the OLP data to integrate in the physical Robots.

    In brief we have expert Team who has experience of each step to do any type of Robotic Simulation
    Task including 2d shop floor Layout planning job, by utilizing various software’s as per customer demand. Starts from including Process Planning, Cell and tooling validation, gun/EOAT selection/validation, Robot Path planning, Work Cell & Operator safety consideration, Ergonomics check, Cable tray & utilities Planning, Cycle time study, Collision free path creation, robots interlocks check, Offline Line programming, Cell alignment or reconstruction & CT optimization etc.

    Why to Sphinx?

    • Technically sound team.
    • Issue tracking and milestone management.
    • Single point of contact Technical Leads.
    • Well-structured Team with excellence in Project Management.
    • Clear vision about Technological know-how.
    • Dedicated Onsite Engineering support available in a shortest time.
    • Flexible with Turnkey solution or fixed cost model solutions.
    • Always ready to provide dedicated ODC Facilities to our Customer for long term relationship.
    • Enhanced communication with Teams software.
    • Available with Large team size & cost effective relative to competitors.
    • Global presence & experienced with approx. all major line-builders across the Globe.
    • Expert Resource will Reduce re-work during the build phase.
    • Very good team size with flexibility hrs. availability.
    • Easily adapt to Engineering change requirements.
    • Avoid costly mistakes and delays by getting it right the first time.
    • Increase productivity and maximize resource utilization.
    • Fully exploit the agility of robotic systems to optimize robot processes & provide best engineering solutions.
    • (Participation in RFQ study & Estimation) More than 8 Lakh hours per year. Shows our strong upcoming projections.
    • Familiar to handle multi-variant Line Simulation.
    • Flexible to deliver the job on different software seg. Delmia, Process Simulate, Robcad.
    • Dual skill set resources available with having Digital Simulation as well as Shop floor experience of Robot programming.

    Featured Competencies:

    • Cell Build Up as per production requirement.
    • Optimization for Floor Space & Cycle Time.
    • Safety requirement in the Cell.
    • Robot Safety Zoning & signalling.
    • Robot Safety (Kuka safe, Safe move, Fanuc DCS).
    • Offline Programming.
    • Offline Robot logic building with all required I/O instructions.
    • Sequence of Operations.
    • CEE & VC environment build facilities.
    • Various Body shop applications experience eg.
    • Spot Welding, Riveting, Clinching, Flow Drill Screws, Stud / Nut Welding, VIN Marking.
    • MIG / MAG Welding, Gluing/Sealing, Roller Hemming etc.

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