Over the past 18 years, Sphinx Worldbiz has established a strong relationship with local and international client companies and other stakeholders. Today, the company has embarked an international recognition. This success is largely a reflection of the diversified business experience that Team Sphinx has gained. Constant growth and profitability for client companies have been the prime importance since establishment and this has navigated the company’s success path. Unique support, from the analysis of an innovative idea to the production / processing, delivery and installation of the same; has benchmarked the organization’s performance. Compliance to innovative, indigenous and yet proven method of product/solution development has been the core strength. From initial ideation furthered by research, exploration, refinement etc., to product or solution designing, development & delivery, all stages in the process contribute to increase customer’s ROI and reduce turnaround time.


The success-process at Sphinx is a collaborative effort of all involved departments and teams. The teams at client’s service is highly qualified, experienced, and trained able to meet specific needs of clients around the world. Sphinx embraces continual R&D and brings innovative ideas, products and services to deliver world-class Information Technology and Engineering Services.

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A global Engineering Consultant & Service Provider meeting the CAD, CAM, CAE, Die Design, Welding Fixture Design.

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