Why DMP 3D Printing is an Ideal Choice for Engineers?


Direct Metal Printing (DMP) uses additive manufacturing to produce metal parts with challenging sizes and geometries which are impossible through traditional subtractive or casting technologies. The technology possesses such parts that can be created in a variety of metals that are totally dense and usable. DMP is heavily used in aerospace and defense applications as it let the production of extremely complex and small shapes without the need for tooling.

The Infographic shows why direct metal printing (DMP) technology has become the ideal choice for various verticals. Unlike, many traditional manufacturing techniques, DMP overcome the limitations vis-à-vis. geometry and surface retention. It has helped manufacturers to increase the scope of developing parts that have highly complex anatomical shapes, surface textures, internal channels, and high levels of detail as well as such parts that are 400 millimeter high. It eliminates the demand for costly and time-consuming tooling and is suitable for a wide range of metals and alloys. Manufacturers are able to present parts that are of higher accuracy and improved part functionality with clean surface finish and feature detail resolution.

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