The Future of Automotive Industry is EASCY


The automotive industry mushrooms amid a revolution defined by the convergence of surging digital technologies and erratic trends that must be followed by every product design company. Companies across the world are investing heavily in technologies that can develop cars constituted with features like autonomous, connected, electric, and enable shared mobility, according to Jaguar’s Vision For 2040 And Beyond. Presently, the automotive industry has been ranked as the third-largest investor on research and development after healthcare, and software and electronics.

The automotive vertical will witness an unprecedented paradigm shift towards the far-reaching effects meaning it will be more inclined towards ‘EASCY’ that is electrified, autonomous, shared, connected, and yearly updated. The Infographic above clearly explains what each term refers to and how they will affect the industry when conducted together. The longing desire of any product design company to make cars that emit fewer exhaust fumes and noise into the surroundings will become possible. Moreover, it will reduce the time and money side by side with the help of its autonomous features along with fewer accidents.

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