How the Applications of CAE Support Key Engineering Disciplines


CAE engineering services have helped a wide range of industries in simulating performance to accentuate product designs or support in the resolution of engineering glitches. A typical CAE process includes simulation, authentication, and optimisation of products, parts, processes, and manufacturing products. The technique has helped engineers to design the parts of a machine based on their future performance and impact saving from potential risks.

The infographic consists of the CAE applications that support a wide range of engineering phenomena. This engineering technology has helped engineers to perform easy tasks like reliable stress and dynamic analysis on any part of the machine, regardless of its complexities and size by using finite element analysis (FEA). It has also alleviated the process of 1D CAE/mechatronic system simulations for complex multi-domain mechatronics system designs. Unlike physical prototype testing that was time and cost taking, the designs developed under CAE can be evaluated and refined easily by using computer simulations that save a lot of time and money.

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