9 OMG! 3D Printing Facts and Forecasts


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3D printing sure does sound new, but actually it has been around for more than three decades for the industries to use and explore. The words 3D give an idea of the multi-dimensions for an object which presented an escalated presentation of the same makes it more appealing, more accurate in design and further enhancement. Since this process involves adding multiple layers with precision, this is also known as an additive process. 3D printing has made a lot of engineering process interesting, faster and much more precise. The said infographic mentions just some of the interesting, wow-worthy facts and forecasts to encourage innovators and organisation get it right, how useful the technology is and there’s a sea of opportunities to explore in the world of 3D printing and using it for manufacturing. Some of them being 3D Doodler Printing Pen to print multi-dimensional objects in the air, NASA printing pizzas for astronauts in space using this amazing technology. Just imagine, what all can be done with it that we don’t even know yet!

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