6 Different Types of Dies Used in Sheet Metal Operations


Die designing services include specialised tools used in the manufacturing industry to cut or shape the product or another tool mostly using a press. Like molds and tools, die design services are generally modified to the item they are used to develop. There are different types of dies used in sheet metal operations to create products varying from a simpler paper clip or a multifaceted product as shown in the infographic.

Simple die, compound die, progressive die, transfer die, combination die, and multiple dies are the major techniques falling under tools and die designing services. The complexity and geometrical requirements of the product decide the right die designing technique. As the name suggests, the simple die includes a single stroke at each stage and is used for simpler productions while a compound die requires more than one cutting at every stage to produce a complex tool. As the complexity of a product increases, the type of die jumps into another level.

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