5 Ways AI Has Helped in Product Designing Services


AI, the futuristic technology has promising potentials for almost every industry especially manufacturing. In the past few years, many companies have adopted AI regardless of size and niche and experts say that the companies that restrict adopting new technologies will become incompetent in no time. According to the Annual Manufacturing Report 2018, 92% of manufacturers seek “Smart Factory” backed by AI and digital technologies to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, expert manufacturers believe that AI will level up the manual tool and product designing services by automating quality test, and predictive maintenance while improving production reuse, and consuming less cost and time. The video illustrates some of the technology giants utilising AI for enhanced performance of their product design services.

There are several leading technology and electronics brands that are early adopters of this technology. Companies like Machine Vision, Microsoft, and Siemens have grown by leaps and bound by incorporating AI into their tool and product designing services The companies have proved that this space-age technology doesn’t restrict the word ‘automation’. As mentioned in the video, it can detect faults in minutes when integrated with the cloud, develop multiple designs within a few minutes, and empower transparent communication across uncountable ends. Furthermore, Siemens made its tool and product designing services eco-friendly by using AI-backed sensors. The amazing ways these companies are utilising AI is commendable and an inspiration to the world for equipping the technology to fill the business loopholes while unfurling new possibilities.

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