3D Printing Revolutionizing the World


3D printing, even though in its nascent phases has been around for more than three decades now and today has grown to its pinnacle where professionally and industrially it holds more meaning than it ever has. The exponential rise in the market share of this technology has swollen into a billion dollars revenue system. According to the Wholers report, 3D printing is expected to reach a whopping $35.6 bn industry globally.

The technology has been simplified for regular users and is also quite eco-friendly as it reduces resources’ wastage and products created through this are durable, ergonomic and almost 50% lighter than the standard methods of production. The infographic states the benefits and beauty of the technology that has the world using it to manufacture on more interesting products than were ever thought of. Commercially, it is a success owing to the quality it delivers and the speed it works on. Ideal for prototyping, 3D printing allows as much as 93% of the user companies to have reduced time-to-market and give out the best and highly accurate results. The infographic also details the success stories of the technology in various industries and encourages future users to go for it.


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