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Building Low-cost Ventilators to Fight COVID-19

A Sphinx Worldbiz Limited & TimeTooth Technologies Initiative


About the Initiative

With the rising numbers of people getting affected by the deadly Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), it has become crucial to prevent any further damage done to human lives. The Governments and Healthcare authorities from around the world have are concerned about the prevention, control and eradication of the disease. Solemn research is going on around the world to reach to a permanent solution to stop this mayhem. The hospitals are running out of medical equipment and ventilators. To combat this situation and reverse the course of this pandemic, stringent efforts needs to be made. Keeping this in view, Sphinx Worldbiz Ltd and TimeTooth Technologies have collaborated with the endeavour to build prototype and design for a low-cost, sturdy and emergency ventilator based on the open-source release model. The organisations have solemnly come together to pledge their participation in making contributions for the cause in a philanthropic initiative using their expertise and professional experience. A fundraiser campaign has also been launched to support the design which will benefit the manufacturers across the globe to build them quickly and in bulk.

Open Source Tech Innovation and Philanthropy

The design of the ventilator is a step forward to join India’s Open-Source initiative embarking on the pathway forged by many international universities and other organisations to benefit the humanity at large. Owing to the open-source release model, the design for the low-cost ventilator will be made available for any manufacturer who intends to build them at scale. It is a way forward for both mankind and healthcare however, not limited to the age of COVID-19 pandemic.

The ventilator design is developed to be highly efficient in playing its role and be ergonomic and economic for the end user. This is the need of the hour.


Sphinx Worldbiz offers full support of their technical resources towards manufacturing of the prototype for validation of the state-of-the-art medical equipment. TimeTooth Technologies is contributing through developing the overall design. The holistic designing of the ventilator is estimated to be 50,000 USD.

TimeTooth Technologies calls for fundraiser support for the project as this is a crucial time for pulling all stops to fight against COVID-19. This is a voluntary effort and not for profit which Sphinx also considers its prime social responsibility.

COVID-19 Affecting the World by the Day


Coronavirus Cases


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Coronavirus Cases


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Recovered cases



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For International Contributors

The number of Coronavirus affected people in need of critical care is rising. Mechanical Ventilators can be the saviour.

Design Approach- Ventilators with a Difference

Sphinx Worldbiz prototype services combine with TimeTooth designs will make up state-of-the-art medical grade equipment. With the ventilators project our teams are focussed to save many lives fallen prey to the Coronavirus infection and the respiratory challenges caused by it. Hospitals across the world may need a larger volume of Mechanical Ventilators soon and at a low cost. We have accepted the challenge and will be ready with support.

Similar to our services, several other ventilator development enterprises have kicked-off, but they face several challenges. Our differentiators will enable us to separate from the crowd owing to our years of engineering experience and world-class experts at work.

Some of the Challenges Developers Face with Low-cost Ventilators:

Sphinx Worldbiz and TimeTooth Approach
to These Challenges

Medical grade development to address the appropriate Qualification Test Schedule.

Durable design for COVID-19 patient duty cycles (5 – 14 days at a stretch).

Operational modes designed especially for COVID-19.

Predominantly Indian sourcing and manufacturing

Low cost

Open-source design release

Sustainable Product




Our approach for this project is essentially to base the design on a proven and certified ventilator design by Medtronic. We are fully adhering to their licensing policies shared with the release.

Clinical and Performance Specifications

  • AC Powered Mechanical Ventilation
  • Respiratory rate (RR) Range 10 – 30 bpm, increments of 2 bpm
  • PEEP valve setting: 5 – 15 cm H2O, with a minimum 5 cm
  • Operational Modes:
    • Must: PC-CMV, AC-PC, PSV, CPAP
    • Should: PC-SIMV, VC-SIMV (& VC-CMV), AC-VC
    • Could: BPAP
  • AC Powered Mechanical Ventilation
    • Must: Three Discrete settings 300 ml, 400 ml, 500 ml
    • Should: Range 250-750 ml, discrete 50 ml interval settings in the above range
    • Could: Continuous (5 ml intervals) setting in above range, based on weight formula
  • I: E ratio
    • Must: 1:2
    • Should: 1:1 and 1:3
    • Could: 4:1 to 1:4
  • Air Supply:
    • Must: Air and Oxygen compressed line inlets
    • Should: Air and Oxygen cylinders with regulators
    • Could: Compressor system or In-built Turbine
  • FiO2: Oxygen blending
    • Must: Discrete 50% and 100% settings
    • Should: Discrete 30% to 100% with 10% intervals
    • Could: Continuous (2% intervals) variation between
      20% to 100%
  • Fail-Safe / Over-Pressure Valve opens at 40cm of H2O.
  • Plateau Pressure: Adapt to achieve volume, limit to 35 cm H2O
  • Peak Pressure: < 2 cm H20 + Plateau
    • Must have Battery / Power back-up
    • Could have Anti-asphyxia valve opens at -3 ± 1 cm H2O
  • Connections:
    • Gas connector: Non-Interchangeable, as per standard
    • Schraeder BS 5682 to a cylinder
    • Limb Connectors interface ISO 22 mm (OD) conical
  • Alarms:
    • Electricity failure
    • Gas supply failure
    • Machine Switch off in Mandatory Ventilation Mode
    • Inspiratory airway pressure exceeded
    • Expiratory airway pressure exceeded
    • Tidal Volume not achieved or exceeded
  • Display:
    • Set: TV, Frequency, PEEP, FiO2, Ventilation Mode
    • Achieved: TV, frequency, PEEP, FiO2, Plateau Pressure
    • Pressure Support: Confirmation if each breath, alarm if it is below a rate threshold
    • Actual Graph of last few breath cycles (Flow, Pressure Vs Time)
    • Could: CO2 monitor
  • Mechanical and Electrical:
    • Ventilator Weight: Less than 10 kg
    • Dimensions: Less than 24″ x 24” x 36″
    • Mounting:
      • Must: Trolley Mountable
      • Could: Backpack Mountable
    • Power:
      • Must: 220 VAC 50 Hz
      • Could: 100 VAC 60 Hz
  • Accuracy:
    • Volume: +/- (5ml + 10% of reading)
    • Pressure: +/- (2 cm H2O + 10%)
    • Respiratory: Rate +/- 2 bpm
    • I/E Ratio: Greater of Insp./Exh. time ±100 ms or I: E ratio ±10%
    • Oxygen concentrations will be ± 5 % of the set value.
    • Disconnect alarm will sound within 3 seconds of disconnection could: 100 VAC 60 Hz

Every change both big and small begins from ME and leads to WE. All of us can make a difference and add value to the lives of Coronavirus affected.

To make this fundraiser for the ventilator project a success your participation is most appreciated.


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